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MCR-F-UI-DC характеристики

The MCR-F-UI-DC is a 45 x 75 x 110mm programmable universal Frequency Transducer displaying and converting frequencies up to120kHz. The input impulses are evaluated using period measurement and are then output by a processor as an analogue voltage or current value to match the measuring range start and end value entered. In order to achieve as short as possible reaction times, the inputs of the frequency transducer have purposely been designed without a frequency input filter. Frequency interferences can, however, lead to too large a division factor being selected for low input frequencies. In order to stabilize fluctuating input values, a filter function has been implemented for conversion into the analogue output value. The depth of this filter can be set from 1 to 15 using the membrane keyboard. In addition to the analogue output, there is also a PNP transistor switching output with a maximum carrying capacity of 100mA, for monitoring functions.

Техническое описание

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